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Day Of Atonement (2022)
An Organized Work?
Treasure Map To The Truth
What's Next In Prophecy?
Where Is God's Truth?
The Restored Truths?
RADIO STATION (World Tomorrow & Sermons)
A Call To Remembrance!
Who Is Worthy To Escape?
The Bible Hymnal - Music
God's Work Today
Which Church ERA Is This?
A Powerful Tool And A Blessing
The MAKEUP Cover-Up!
Sacred Name/Hebrew Roots
Local Congregations
Books and Booklets
America's Twin: ANCIENT ROME!
Holy Day Calendar
United States And Britain In Prophecy
The Middle East in Prophecy and King Of The South!
Our Mission and Goals
What Separates Us From Other Groups?
Mr. Armstrong's Last Letter
Does God Heal Today?
Truth And Doctrine?
Now God Speaks To You Ministers!
Divorce and Remarriage
WHO Will Lead Us Into God's Kingdom?
Remember This Man?
Whose Church?
The "LITTLE BOOK" of Rev. 10
Synagogue of Satan
The "Great Commission"
1983 Sermon Transcript
JOHN 10 Speaks!
WORLDWIDE NEWS Special Edition 1985
WHO was the End-Time Elijah?
WHO makes it into God's Kingdom?
Our Beliefs?
Mr. Armstrong addresses the ministry!
When a prophet prophesies......
How to support this Work
Feast Of Tabernacles Messages


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The Herbert W. Armstrong Resource Center  (T.H.W.A.R.C.)


"Thus says the Lord: 'Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls.'  But they said, 'We will not walk in it.'  Also, I set watchmen over you, saying 'Listen to the sound of the trumpet!'  But they said, 'We will not listen'. Therefore hear, you nations, And know, O congregation, what is among them. Hear O earth!, Behold I will certainly bring calamity on this people - The fruit of their own thoughts, Because they have not heeded My words Nor My law, but rejected it."  (Jer. 6:16-19)


The purpose of this page is to have a centrally located resource center for the publications (books, booklets, articles, etc.), audio messages and video messages of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.

Our goal with this page is to have as much as possible of Mr. Armstrong's material located and available in one place. There are many websites today that have bits and pieces of Mr. Armstrong's material here and there. And many of those sites may preach or teach something totally different than what Mr. Armstrong taught. Some sites (or churches) use and reproduce a few of his books or booklets just to lure in new members, but then put the emphasis on their own books or writings rather than the Plain Truth that God revealed through Mr. Armstrong. And again there are other websites calling themselves the "such and such" Church of God, and never mention Mr. Armstrong's name at all OR any of his publications.

This website (Church of God) however, endeavors to keep the focus ON those teachings that Christ Himself revealed through Mr. Armstrong. Therefore we see the need to have as much of that truth as possible made available in one location. As is stated on the home page of this website, it is our desire to "hold fast" to the vast wealth of truth and knowledge that Jesus Christ revealed in the end time through His faithful servant Mr. Armstrong.

This page will include books, booklets, articles, World Tomorrow Broadcasts (audio) Bible studies and sermons (audio) and video messages, all from Mr. Armstrong.

This page will be a "work in progress" for some time to come, so check back frequently for new additions. Anyone wanting to contribute audio, video or publications (digital format) by Mr. Armstrong to be posted on this page, is encouraged and welcomed to do so. Just email me to make sure I don't already have the information and just haven't posted it to this page yet.

It is our hope that this information will help any who are new to God's Truth and any who are familiar with it but may want to be "reminded" of certain aspects of that wonderful PLAIN TRUTH.


Daniel Cohran 


UPDATE: (August 2010) - Due to a recent stroke and other health problems which has resulted in my left arm being paralyzed, work on this page has slowed dramatically. For the time being, my typing is very slow (one handed). Fortunately I am still able to record sermons (see "Audio Messages" page). But for the time being, work will be delayed on this page.

I don't normally recommend third party or outside websites for studying Mr. Armstrong's material, however, there is one that I will recommend at this time. As far as I can tell, they appear to have no particular church affiliation (such as WCG splinter groups, etc) and the majority of their publications are scanned (.pdf) files.

The website I'm referring to is the "HWA Library". On the site you will find a topical (by subject) magazine index, Plain Truth, Good News, and Tomorrow's World magazines, Mr. Armstrong's books & old WCG booklets, the old AC Correspondence Course, Worldwide News, Youth Material, World Tomorrow radio broadcasts, Sermons & Bible Studies by Mr. Armstrong, a searchable program for HWA material, and much more.

To access this website go to:  http://www.herbert-armstrong.org/index2.html 

In the meantime I will continue to work on this page as my health improves and time permits.


Below I have listed the major areas of information that I will be posting under. Under each section there will be a vast list of topics to click on to read or listen to. In some cases there may just be a link to a separate web page for that specific information, this will reduce the length of this page. As it is, I have a LOT of information to process and add to this page, so this will eventually be a very big page. So those twelve section titles will eventually be quite a distance apart.  This is a vast undertaking and will take some time so please bear with me. 


Just LEFT CLICK the on the appropriate Title below to view the information (or play audio) or RIGHT CLICK to save to your computer in a file folder of your choice.





The United States & Britain in Prophecy

The Incredible Human Potential

TOMORROW...What It Will Be Like

The Missing Dimension In Sex

Autobiography Of Herbert W. Armstrong Vol. 1

Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong Vol. 2


1975 In Prophecy

A World Held Captive

All About Water Baptism

Are We In The Last Days?

Did God Create A Devil?

Does God Exist?

Ending Your Financial Worries

Has Time Been Lost?

How To Observe God's Festivals

Human Nature - Did God Create It?

Just What Do You Mean Born Again?

Just What Do You Mean Conversion?

Lazarus And The Rich Man

Life After Death?

Military Service and War

Never Before Understood - Why Humanity Cannot Solve Its Problems

Pagan Holidays Or God's Holy Days - Which?

The Bible - Superstition Or Authority?

The Book Of Revelation Unveiled At Last!

The Middle East In Prophecy

The Occult Explosion - What Does It Mean?

The Plain Truth About Christmas

The Plain Truth About EASTER

The Plain Truth About HEALING

The Resurrection Was Not On Sunday

The Seven Laws Of Success

The Ten Commandments (Ambassador College)

The Ten Commandments (Herbert W. Armstrong)

The TONGUES Question

What Do You Mean SALVATION?


What Is FAITH?

What Is The Reward Of The SAVED?

What Is The True Gospel?

What Science Can't Discover About The Human Mind

What Will You Be Doing In The Next Life?

Where Is The True Church?

Who Or What Is The Prophetic BEAST?

Why Marriage! Soon Obsolete?

Why Were You Born?

WORLD PEACE How It Will Come

Your Awesome Future!

Old WCG Article Reprints:


Co-Worker Letters (All of them - 1930'S to 1980'S):


Plain Truth Magazines (1934-1986):


Good News Magazines (1951-1986):


Worldwide News (1973-1986):


World Tomorrow Radio Broadcasts (over 300 Broadcasts):


Sermons - AUDIO (.ra file format).  General Sermons by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong:

A Christian Is....

A Positive Message

A Purpose Here Below


Are You Really A Christian?

Bible Organization

Called To Be Teachers

Called To Teach

Children Are Sanctified

Christ Our High Priest

Church Back On Track

Church In Prophecy

Church Is A New Civilization

Divorce And Remarriage

Endure To The End

Europe And The Middle East

Few Chosen Now - Part 1

Few Chosen Now - Part 2

Foundation Of A New World

Getting Back On Track

God Is Reproducing Himself

God's Government

God's People Don't Vote

God's Plan

Good News Preached

Gospel And Creation

Holy Spirit - Part 1

Holy Spirit - Part 2

How Did You Get The Truth?

Hungering For Righteousness

Interracial Marriages

Is God's Law Done Away?

James 1-2

How To Keep The Sabbath - Part 1

How To Keep The Sabbath - Part 2

Keeping Of The Sabbath

Keeping The Sabbath

Kingdom Of God

Laws Of Success

Man And Angels

Microwave Sermon From Tucson

Mission of the Philadelphia Era

More On Prophecy


Overview Of Prophecy

Philippine Campaign

Preach The Good News


Prophecy Review

Refresher On The Sabbath

Respect For Authority

Revelation 12

Sabbath Questions Refuted

Sermon From Bricket Wood

Sermon From Seattle

Sermon From Tucson

Sign Of The End

Speech From Peking

Speech To The Brethren

Spirit In Man

Spiritual Checkup

Spiritual Creation

Spiritual Education

Spiritual Law


Teachers And Teaching

The Sabbath


Trunk Of The Tree - England

Two Trees

United States Of Europe


Unthinkable Will Happen

Value Of Human Life

Warning To The Church

We Are Now Being Judged

We Are The Temple

Westminster Hall

What And Why The Church

What God Expects Of Us

What Is Christ Doing Now?

What Is Sin?

What Is The Church?

Why The Church

Bible Studies (AUDIO) by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong:

Daniel 2-7

Ephesians 1

Ephesians 1-2

Ephesians 2

Ephesians 3-4

Galations 1-2

Galations 2 & Legal Rituals

Galations 3-4

Galations 5-6

Hebrews 1

How To Keep The Sabbath

I Corinthians 1-2

I Corinthians 1-6 Review

I Corinthians 3-4

I Corinthians 5-6

I Corinthians 7

I Corinthians 8-9

I Corinthians 10-11

I Corinthians 12

I Corinthians 13-14

I Corinthians 15

I Corinthians 16

II Corinthians 4-5

II Corinthians 6-7

ll Corinthians 8

II Corinthians 9-10

ll Corinthians 11

Other Bible Studies, Sermons and Holy Day Sermons by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. Some with other speakers - pre-1986:


Other Items Of Interest: (Just Click On Each Topic Below)

58 Lesson Bible Correspondence Course

The Bible Hymnal (scanned in .pdf format)

The Bible Hymnal (words only, no sheet music)

Instructions For Keeping The Passover At Home

Other Writings:

Satan's Great Deception! (C.P. Meredith)

Simon Magus (E. Martin)

Incredible History Of God's True Church (I.C. Fletcher)

A History Of The True Religion (Dugger & Dodd)

The Complete Works Of JOSEPHUS (Flavius Josephus)

Compendium Of World History (H.L. Hoeh)

Babylon Mystery Religion



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