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What is the meaning of Mr. Armstrong's Coat of Arms?

A while back I was doing some research on Mr. Armstrong's coat of arms, just to see what I may find. I found that his coat of arms is a composite of the three original coats of arms for the "Armstrong" name. These can be viewed at: http://www.freewebs.com/southernroots/research/crests/armstrongcrests.htm

But to summarize the symbols used in his coat of arms, they basically mean a strong man, a strong leader, a faithful man. Also in the symbols and colors are depicted the meanings of protection, invulnerability, and wisdom.

Interestingly, these were ALL qualities indeed possessed by Mr. Armstrong during his lifetime. And he certainly did live up to those qualities and character.

While looking into these symbols and their meanings, I also looked into my family coat of arms. I had done some research years ago on this and knew what my coat of arms was, but never really looked into the meaning of the symbols used, until I was researching Mr. Armstrong's. Well, the results are posted below.

I have never been one to pursue geneology or things of that matter, nor do I necessarily put much stock into it. However I see nothing wrong with tracing your family line or following up on a coat of arms, so long as it doesn't become a "religion". Today many people literally make a religion out of their family heritage and the study of geneology.  But I do know that Mr. Armstrong took the time, or had someone take the time, to look into his lineage. I am glad he did because it just adds another dimension of proof as to who he was.

So below I have posted three things: My coat of arms, the history of the "Cohran" name, and also the MEANINGS of the symbols used in the coat of arms.

I found it interesting that these "meanings" tie directly into what God's Work is today. Is this coincidence? Perhaps. I sure don't want to be making "claims" that are untrue. Time will tell.  In any case, it's not for me to decide these things. Only God knows for sure. But I do know that Mr. Armstrong's coat of arms described him perfectly. Was that coincidence?  Perhaps. Perhaps NOT.   

So WHY am I bothering with all this? Well, to some it will be "amusing", to some "entertaining", to some "ridiculous", to some "a waste of time",  to some "exciting" and to some "serious".  It's not for me to decide which category you will fall into. You will know, after you read the material below.

I can assure you of one thing though, and that is that I KNOW that I am a nobody, a wretched sinner in need of salvation, someone who has been lulled into a spiritual state of slumber and sleep in this last era of God's Church. I fell for almost every lie and deception there was. I can only HOPE that I am waking up out of this state. If I am someone who is waking up, then all glory and praise and thanksgiving goes to the Great God, not to any man.


Daniel Cohran 


CLICK HERE To Read History of "Cohran" Name associated with this coat of arms.

On the link above for the history of the "Cohran" name, I found it interesting that the name is associated with the same area as the beginning of the "Armstrong" name (see first paragraph).
Here below are the symbols of my coat of arms and what they represent:

(The entire list can be found at http://www.fleurdelis.com/meanings.htm)


Meaning of symbols on the COHRAN Coat of Arms: 




Silver or White:      Peace and sincerity.

Red:                       Warrior or Martyr; military strength and magnanimity.

Blue:                       Truth and Loyalty.

Orange (variants):   Worthy ambition.

Maroon:                  Patient in battle, and yet victorious.





Boar’s Head:             Hospitality, Bravery, fights to the death.


Chevron:                   Protection; Builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful service.


Helmet:                     When depicted on the shield, denotes wisdom and security in defense; strength, protection, invulnerability.


Horse:                        Readiness for all employments for king and country.



Motto on Crest: “Virtute et labore”, means: “By valour and exertion”.



Other Symbols: The number THREE (3 Boar’s Heads) represents FINALITY.


I have wondered at times if I am supposed to live up to the above traits and characteristics. If so, I have failed miserably. I certainly do have weaknesses and sin.  However, those traits and characteristics ARE indicative of the work of God's faithful people in this end time as well as their faithfulness and dedication to God's truth and His way (the way) of life. 


For those interested in the meaning of names:


The name “Cohran” is ancient Scottish or Gaelic and means: “To be made plain or to jut forth into open sight.”  It is a modern variation of the name Cochran or Cochrane.  See this link: http://www.clancochrane.org/arms.htm


I was also told years ago by a minister that "Cohran" is a modern variation or corruption of "Cohen" which is a name associated with the Jewish Levitical priesthood. I was also informed by my older sister who conducted extensive research on our family, that there is Jewish blood on my father's side of our family.


On a sidenote:  Daniel (my first name) means: "God is my judge". Eugene (my middle name) means: "Good Birth".  Eugene, Oregon was the "birthplace" of the Philadelphia era of God's Church.


So what does all this mean? Probably absolutely NOTHING. I just found it to be interesting. That's all.


Daniel E. Cohran






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