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The Herbert W. Armstrong Foundation

Founder and President:   Daniel E. Cohran

Vice President:  Lowell Vickers (South Africa)

Vice President:  Cawthon Hester (United States)

Secretary/Treasurer:  Pamela Cohran


This foundation was established to help serve the basic needs of humanity around the world as funds are made available. We are a group of people located in various places around the world, but bound together by a common goal.

We are former members of the Worldwide Church of God (established by Herbert W. Armstrong), who are not affiliated with the current organization of that name, nor with the many offshoots or divisions of what once constituted that organization. We do however, believe in and hold to those values and truths established through Mr. Armstrong.

The current headquarters of this foundation is located in Chickamauga, Georgia in the United States. All donations are welcomed and receipts for your donations are sent. At this time donations are not tax deductible, but that will change in the near future.

You may contact us at the postal mailing address below, or via email through this email address:

You may also contact us, and learn more about us through our Church website at:  WWW.HOLDFAST2ALLTHINGS.ORG


Our U.S. postal mailing address is:


The Herbert W. Armstrong Foundation

C/O Daniel E. Cohran

526 Marbletop Road

Chickamauga, GA  30707